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Silent No More: The Truth About Sexual Assault in Prison—Stats and Facts

Silent No More: The Truth About Sexual Assault in Prison—Stats and Facts

Just because you’re in prison doesn’t mean you have no power. Your basic rights should always be protected, and that includes your right to be safe from sexual assault.

Inmates have the right to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment, and that includes any form of sexual assault or abuse. Sexual assault in prison or jail can happen when someone who is incarcerated is subjected to sexual abuse or harassment, either by fellow inmates, prison staff, or both.

Locked Away, Not Silenced: Understanding the Facts of Sexual Abuse in Prison

Sexual assault and abuse in prisons cause serious harm to the safety and well-being of people behind bars. It’s important to understand some key things about this issue. First off, it happens a lot and affects both guys and girls in jail, but in different ways. Studies show that guys are more likely to be hurt by other inmates, while girls often face abuse from staff. Most of the reported incidents involve inmates hurting each other, and things like power imbalances and not enough supervision make it more likely. Even though it’s less common, when prison staff act inappropriately, it’s a big betrayal because inmates count on them for safety. Certain groups, like young people, those with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, or those who’ve been hurt before, are at a higher risk of being assaulted in prison. This makes it even harder for them to report what happened and get justice. It’s really important to deal with these problems to make sure everyone in prison is safe, especially those who are more likely to be mistreated.

Here are some key things to know about sexual abuse in jails:

  1. Everyone is affected:
  • Both guys and girls in prison can face sexual abuse.
  • Studies show that guys are more likely to be mistreated by other inmates, while girls are more likely to experience abuse from the staff.
  1. Inmate-on-inmate abuse:
  • Most reported cases involve inmates hurting each other sexually.
  • Things like power imbalances, not enough supervision, and too many people in one place make sexual violence more likely in prisons.
  1. Staff-on-inmate abuse:
  • It’s not as common, but when prison staff act inappropriately, it’s a big betrayal of trust.
  • Inmates depend on staff to keep them safe, so when staff members do something wrong, it’s a serious problem.
  1. Higher risk for some people:
  • Certain groups in prison, like young people, those with physical or mental disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, or people who have been hurt before, are more likely to face sexual assault.
  • It’s even harder for them to report these incidents and get justice.

It’s important to note that in the U.S., there’s a law called the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), enacted in 2003. Its goal is to stop sexual abuse in jails and makes sure prisons are responsible for keeping their inmates safe. PREA requires prisons to report, investigate, and take steps to address and prevent sexual abuse.

Eye-Opening Stats on Sexual Abuse Behind Bars

Getting accurate and up-to-date info about sexual assault in U.S. prisons is tough because not everyone reports it, and how they collect data can vary. Still, here are some recent stats from Western Washington University (WWU):

  • In a year, there were more than 24,000 claims of sexual assault and harassment by inmates. Out of those with extra proof, 58% were done by inmates, and 42% by prison staff.
  • In private prisons, inmate-on-inmate assaults are 38% higher than in public ones. People are also twice as likely to report abuse from guards or staff in private prisons.
  • Even though women make up just 7% of all prisoners, they’re involved in a big chunk of sexual assaults—22% of inmate-on-inmate ones and 33% of staff-on-inmate cases. It’s important to know that sexual abuse in prisons is reported way less than it actually happens, and the real numbers might be even higher. People don’t always report because they’re scared of what might happen, feel ashamed, don’t trust the system, or worry it won’t make a difference.

Shining a Light on Justice: How a Prison Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Help You in New York

Going through sexual abuse in prison can seriously mess with a person’s emotions and have long-lasting effects on them and the people close to them. It’s not just about what happens right then and there—it goes way beyond that. Survivors might feel really messed up emotionally, dealing with things like intense trauma, super high stress, ongoing feelings of being really down, and a lot of anxiety. Dealing with all of this is even tougher because prison is already a really stressful place. And it doesn’t stop there; the toll of going through sexual abuse in prison might even increase the chances of hurting yourself or thinking about suicide. That’s why it’s so important for survivors to reach out for help, whether it’s talking to someone, getting therapy, or looking into legal options. And when we talk about prisons and how they’re run, it’s a big deal in making sure things are safer and fairer for those who’ve been through such tough times.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault in prison or jail in New York, consider pursuing legal action through a lawsuit. A skilled prison sexual assault lawyer can help you in various ways, providing support and guidance in the following ways:

  1. Investigation:
    • Your lawyer will dig into the incident, collecting evidence, talking to witnesses, and looking at documents to figure out who’s responsible for what happened.
  2. Case preparation:
    • This means your lawyer will study the local laws, gather medical records, record your injuries, figure out the costs, and build a strong case to support your claim for compensation.
  3. Negotiations:
    • Your lawyer can try to work out a fair deal without going to court. They’ll talk to the other side’s insurance company or legal team to get you compensation for things like medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.
  4. Court representation:
    • If a fair deal isn’t possible, your lawyer will represent you in court. They’ll tell your side of the story to a judge or jury, using all the evidence they’ve collected to make a strong case for your compensation.
  5. Emotional support:
    • Going through a case like this is tough emotionally. A caring lawyer and their team can provide important support and advice throughout the process. They can also guide you to resources for survivors and suggest self-care practices.

Remember, it’s really important to talk to a personal injury lawyer who knows about assault cases. They can make sure you get the right legal help and improve your chances of getting a fair result.

Don’t Face it Alone: Expert Legal Help for Prison Assault Victims

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault while in prison or immigration detainment in New York, it’s crucial to act quickly. Experiencing such abuse is not part of serving a sentence and reporting it to the authorities is essential. Here’s what you should do

  1. Report the Incident Immediately:
    • Tell the authorities about what happened right away.
  2. Get Medical Help:
    • Seek medical attention as soon as you can.
  3. Keep Any Evidence:
    • Hang on to anything that might be proof of what occurred.
  4. Talk to a Lawyer with Experience:
    • Get in touch with a lawyer who knows about cases involving sexual assault in prison for specific advice and to discuss your legal options.

If the prison failed to protect you from sexual assault, whether it was from a staff member or another inmate, you might have the right to take legal action against them. Prisons are supposed to make a safe environment for inmates and do what they can to prevent sexual assaults. If they didn’t do enough and were careless in their duty, you might have a legal claim against them.

Sterlin Mesadieu and the Mesadieu Law Firm team are here to help you through the legal process with care and understanding. We can look into what happened, gather proof, guide you through legal steps, talk to the prison or the people responsible, and represent you in court if needed.

Contact us at 844-3-RIGHT-BY-YOU (844-374-4482) as soon as you can for legal advice. Remember, there’s a time limit for filing a prisoner sexual assault lawsuit, and it might be short depending on where you are. Talking to a lawyer quickly is important to make sure you don’t miss the chance to seek justice.

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