Rideshare Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, it can have serious impacts on your finances, physical well-being, and emotions. When the responsible party is an Uber or Lyft driver, getting compensation for your losses becomes more complicated. You’ll still need to deal with insurance, but figuring out which insurance to contact depends on some factors. Should you reach out to the driver’s personal insurance, or should you contact the ridesharing company’s insurance? If you’ve been hurt in a rideshare accident, it might be helpful to talk to a rideshare accident attorney. They can answer your specific questions about the accident and the laws that apply.

If you’re in a rideshare accident, here are steps to take

  1. Stay calm: Take a moment to assess your body for injuries before moving. Don’t panic, as it could worsen any physical damage.
  2. Call for help: If there are injuries, call 911 for immediate medical assistance.
  3. Report to the police: If necessary, call the non-emergency number to report the accident. Document it online or in person if the police don’t come to the scene.
  4. Document the scene: Use your phone or camera to take photos and videos of the accident, including injuries and the surroundings.
  5. Gather information: Collect names and contacts of everyone involved, talk to eyewitnesses, and exchange insurance details.
  6. See a doctor: Get a medical examination right away, even if you feel fine.
  7. Contact a rideshare accident lawyer: Seek legal advice early on to understand your options and rights.

If the rideshare driver is at fault

  • As a passenger, you’re not responsible. Seek compensation from the ridesharing company’s insurance.
  • If you’re the other driver, contact the rideshare company to file a claim, depending on whether the driver was on duty.

Potential damages from a rideshare accident

  1. Economic damages: Tangible losses like medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.
  2. Non-economic damages: Subjective losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment.
  3. Punitive damages: Awarded if the other driver’s behavior shows complete disregard for safety.

A rideshare accident attorney can help you navigate the process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

How Can a Rideshare Accident Attorney Assist You?

If you’ve been in a rideshare accident, hiring a rideshare accident attorney can be incredibly helpful. Here’s why:

  1. Experience: They know the legal system and have dealt with cases similar to yours.
  2. Negotiation Skills: They can negotiate on your behalf, aiming for a settlement to avoid a lengthy and costly trial.
  3. Trial Preparation: If needed, they’re prepared to take your case to trial.
  4. Network of Experts: They have access to experts who can assist in building a strong case.
  5. Professional Representation: Your attorney takes care of paperwork, deals with the insurance company, and ensures you’re informed throughout the process.
  6. Compassionate Support: They provide support with compassion, allowing you to focus on healing.
  7. Contingency Payment: Most importantly, many personal injury attorneys, including rideshare accident lawyers, work on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay anything upfront – they only get paid when your case concludes successfully.

If you’ve been injured in a rideshare accident, consider reaching out to Mesadieu Law Firm. Our experienced rideshare accident attorneys are dedicated to helping you get fair compensation for your damages. Schedule a free consultation with us today.