New York Massage Spa Sexual Abuse Lawyer


If you or someone you care about has gone through sexual abuse at a massage spa in New York, you might have a valid legal case against the place that allowed it to happen. Our team of sexual abuse lawyers at Mesadieu Law Firm is here to support you in seeking justice and ensuring those responsible are held accountable.

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Assessing Your Spa Sexual Abuse Claim

When you visit a massage spa or see a professional masseuse, you trust that they will treat you professionally and respectfully. However, if someone crosses boundaries, it’s not just a breach of trust but also a violation of the law. Often, this behavior is allowed to happen because the establishment either permits it, disregards complaints, or lacks proper hiring standards.

Here are some legal boundaries that should not be crossed

  1. Any form of sexual touching, sexually explicit comments, or sexual harassment.
  2. Clients should have private areas for dressing and undressing.
  3. While on the massage table, clients should be securely covered with a sheet or towel to protect sensitive areas.
  4. Touching of the breasts is prohibited, as it can be considered prostitution or sexual assault.
  5. In most parts of the U.S., massaging the breasts is not allowed. In the few states where it is legal, there must be written consent from the client.
  6. If working on the genital area, it should be covered with a sheet or towel.

If you’re a massage spa employee and have witnessed improper practices or a pattern of assault, or if you’ve experienced abuse or harassment from your employers, we’re here to assess these claims. Contact us today, and our team is ready to listen to your story and take prompt, assertive steps to secure the compensation you deserve.