Dog Bite Prevention

How to Stay Safe from Dog Bites in New York

Avoiding a dog bite involves more than just steering clear of a barking dog nearby. It can be tough to tell when a situation is safe or not. While every dog encounter is different, there are practical steps to reduce the risk of an attack. Following these strategies is crucial for your safety and the safety of your children.

Key Facts about Dog Bites

Dog bites are a serious issue, affecting over 4.5 million people in the U.S. annually, with one in five bites requiring medical attention (CDC). Children are especially susceptible to dog bites, and their bites tend to be more severe (AVMA). Teaching kids safe dog interaction is crucial. Preventing dog bites is feasible. Owners can socialize and train dogs properly, while individuals can protect themselves by avoiding unfamiliar dogs and being cautious around aggressive ones. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately to prevent infections. Report the incident to animal control or the police for proper evaluation and potential rabies quarantine.

Avoid Unfamiliar Dogs

Groups of dogs

Unsupervised dogs

Freely roaming dogs

Unleashed dogs

Dogs usually kept on a rope or chain

Mid-sized or larger dogs

Always Take These Precautions

Stay alert to potentially risky situations. Assume that even familiar dogs may see you as a threat. Ask the owner for permission before petting someone else’s dog. Let dogs sniff your hand before petting, especially under the chin or on the chest. Maintain a safe distance between your face and a dog’s teeth, crucial for children. Stay calm around dogs; your demeanor often influences theirs. Avoid screaming, running, or making sudden movements around dogs. Don’t tease or annoy dogs; respect their boundaries. Never run from dogs; they may instinctively chase. Avoid disturbing dogs while sleeping, eating, chewing, or caring for puppies.

Children and Dogs

Children’s natural behaviors increase their risk of dog bites. Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog, even if it’s a family pet. Supervise children when playing with dogs; they may not recognize a dog’s cues. Teach children to ask for permission before petting a dog and to report any bites immediately.

When a Dog Appears to Be a Threat

Avoid eye contact and remain motionless with hands at your sides. Let the dog sniff you without making eye contact. Back away slowly without making eye contact once the dog loses interest. Report stray or unusual behavior in dogs to local authorities.

Protecting Yourself from a Dog Attack in New York City/Bronx

Use your coat, bag, or anything as a barrier between you and the dog. If knocked down, curl into a ball with hands over ears and stay still. Report the attack to local authorities immediately.

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