Child Safety Around Dogs

Keep kids safe around dogs with these tips:

  1. Always ask for permission before approaching a dog—never do it without the owner’s okay.
  2. Approach dogs slowly and calmly, avoiding sudden movements or loud noises.
  3. Let a dog sniff your hand before petting—never reach for its face or head.
  4. Always supervise kids around dogs, even if they know the dog.
  5. Don’t bother a dog that’s sleeping, eating, or playing with a toy.
  6. Never tease, taunt, pull a dog’s tail, or hit it.
  7. If a dog knocks a child over, teach them to curl up into a ball, protecting their face and neck.
  8. Encourage kids to report any dog they find aggressive or dangerous to an adult.

By following these tips, kids can steer clear of dog bites and stay safe.