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Enjoying fishing, boating, or water activities can be fun, but accidents happen. If you or a loved one got hurt in a boating accident in New York, Mesadieu Law Firm’s skilled attorneys are here to help.

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New York Boating Accidents Could Qualify for Compensation

Boating accidents usually happen out of the blue, catching people off guard. However, if someone gets accidentally injured, there’s often a specific reason behind it.

Operator Inattention

A New York boat operator must always stay alert to navigate a vessel through waterways, avoiding other watercraft and obstructions. He or she must also respond quickly to changing weather and water conditions to prevent serious injuries. 

What might distract boaters and cause a boating accident injury? Potential distracting activities are as follows:

  • Using cell phones: Talking, texting, interacting with social media, and searching the internet is especially dangerous on the water. Unlike a motor vehicle on a street with clearly marked lanes and traffic signals, boats tend to move in unpredictable patterns. 
  • Eating and drinking: Operators need to have their hands free to control a vessel well. Eating and drinking can affect their ability to steer and respond to unexpected obstacles.
  • Navigating: Consulting a GPS, map, compass, or another instrument can distract an operator from the boating task at hand. Many seasoned boaters rely on passengers or crew to assist with navigation.
  • Doing anything non-essential: Almost any activity can become a distraction. Our New York boat accident attorneys can investigate to determine whether non-driving tasks increased your risk of injury. 

 Excessive speed

Similar to roads, boats in New York have speed limits that need to be followed. However, it’s not just about the set speed limits – operators must also be careful not to harm others or their property. It’s against the law to operate a boat at an unsafe speed, even if it’s within the limit.

For instance, the speed of the boat impacts the waves it creates. Boaters need to make sure they don’t create waves within 100 feet of the shore, piers, people, rafts, swimming areas, or other people.

Reckless operation 

Handling a boat incorrectly can lead to serious injuries or even death. To be a responsible boat operator, it’s important to follow some basic rules, such as:

  • Being a skilled navigator
  • Keeping a lookout for potential dangers
  • Maintaining a safe speed and distance from other boats

Not following these rules might be considered negligence under New York law. Additionally, it’s against the law for boaters to use drugs or alcohol. If someone causes harm or death to another person while under the influence, it’s considered a felony.

Operator Inexperience

If you’re driving a boat or personal watercraft, it’s important to get the right training to operate them safely and within the law.

Inclement Weather

Wind, rain, and fog can make it hard for boat operators to see and steer properly.

The US Coast Guard says that pontoon boats, kayaks, and open motorboats are the types of boats most often involved in fatal accidents.

Water jets, like jet skis, can tip over in certain conditions. Even if you’re experienced, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast before heading out and keep an eye out for sudden weather changes on the water. Having Coast Guard-approved life jackets on board and heading for the nearest safe shore are always smart things to do.

Mechanical Defects

Sometimes, boat accidents happen because of problems with the boat itself. If you’ve been in an accident linked to things like engine failures, steering issues, electrical problems, cooling system glitches, gears, or fuel system breakdowns, a New York boat accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation.

Figuring out who is to blame for a mechanical issue can be complicated. That’s where boat accident attorneys come in – they can identify who is responsible for your injuries.

You don’t have to go through this alone. At Mesadieu Law Firm, we’re here to make sure you understand your rights under New York law. Reach out for a free consultation by emailing us or calling toll-free at 844-3-RIGHT-BY-YOUanytime, 24/7.

Seeking Compensation for a New York Boating Accident 

If someone’s negligence caused a preventable accident, they should compensate the victims or their families for the harm caused.

In 2020, there were devastating boating accidents caused by various factors, such as collisions, exposure to carbon monoxide, capsizing, and more.

After a boating accident, you might be entitled to compensation for:

  1. Property damage: If your boat or property got damaged, you can seek money for repairs or replacements.
  2. Medical expenses: From emergency services to surgeries and prescriptions, you can seek compensation for qualifying medical expenses.
  3. Lost wages: If you miss work due to injuries, your lawyer can help calculate the amount you deserve in lost wages.
  4. Pain and suffering: Physical injuries and emotional trauma can lead to significant suffering, and our boat accident lawyers can help you pursue financial compensation.
  5. Wrongful death damages: If you lost a loved one, a wrongful death settlement can cover funeral expenses and lost income, easing the economic burden on your family.

Our team of boat accident attorneys is available 24/7 to help you.

How a New York Boating Accident Attorney Can Help You

Wondering why you should talk to a boat accident lawyer after a mishap on the water? Here are some good reasons to reach out to our law firm:

  1. Experience You Can Trust: Our boat accident lawyers know the ropes, guiding you through everything from dealing with insurance paperwork to ensuring you get the most from your claim.
  2. Time Matters: New York has time limits for pursuing justice after a boating accident. Act fast to meet these deadlines and secure your rights. Request a free consultation with our team to kickstart your personal injury case.
  3. Avoid Costly Mistakes: Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. Mistakes in your paperwork or missing deadlines can hurt your claim. A savvy New York attorney can help you make informed decisions to avoid these pitfalls.
  4. Convenient Service: Whether you’re in Manhattan, the Bronx, or anywhere in New York State, we’re here for you. Our offices are conveniently located, and we provide service statewide for boat accident victims.
  5. Risk-Free Consultations: Our boat accident consultations are free, and there’s no obligation to hire us. Get 24/7 answers to your questions about your rights as a boat accident victim.

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